My AI's height is off (floating above or below the ground) Edit

If your AI are slightly above or below the ground (they're not touching the terrain or they're below the ground) this is a simple fix and it isn't a bug. All models have slight differences in height. What you're seeing is the NavMeshAgent placing the collider a little lower or higher than it should be. Here's how you can fix it:

1) Select your GameObject that has Emerald on it.

2) Go to its Movement Options.

3) Find the NavMesh Base Offset option.

4A) If your model is slightly floating above your terrain, make the Base Height a negative number. This usually doesn't need to be more than -0.1 or -0.2, though it may be higher.

4B) If you model is slightly below your terrain, make the Base Height a positive number. This usually deson't need to be more than 0.1 or 0.2, though it may be higher.

5) Check to see if the Base Height changes have worked to compensate for the differences in height. If they haven't, simply go back to step 4 and tweak the numbers until your model is properly toughing the ground.

My AI's attack/stopping distance seems off (Mecanim Only) Edit

If your AI's Attack or Stopping Distance don't seem to be working properly, this is most likely related to your model's Mecanim animations. This isn't an Emerald issue, but an issue with the root position of your model. This can cause Emerald's distance detection to not work properly. This quick little tutorial may help solve potential Mecanim problems.

1) Find your model source and select it within the Project tab.

2) Go to the Animation tab within the model source.

3) Check these three checkboxes (You can also try a combination of the tree depending on what's off with your animations). You can also try this with individual animations if the option is available. What this does is attempts to better center your model's animations to the model's center. If the animations are off and not properly centered with your model, it can throw off the AI's position calculations. This is not an Emerald issue, but of an animation issue. 


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