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Unable to get predators to attack

I set up a relatively simple scene similar to your "Prey and Predator" example. I have tripple checked an everything should be working, but the predators simply do not attack. They occasionally wander close to the prey but never attack.

I've got them tagged as "Predator" and "Huntable" and have the settings in the individual objects as "Aggressive, Large, Predators" and "Prey, Medium". I've located them within very short distances of one another. I've set the dead object to the same "Dead Cube" that you use.

What else can I do to get the predators to attack the prey?

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Problem solved!

I misunderstood the comments in the "Prey Size" and "Predator Size", athough they contradict one another.

I thought that the predator needed to be the same size or bigger. The comments in Predator size say the opposite of my assumption. The comments in the Prey Size say that both Prey and Predator must be the same size. So I just changed the sizes to match and the hunting began!

Note to the author: You may want to modify these comments to prevent any future confusion!

That should be changed. A predator should hunt something smaller as well
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