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invector shooter and emerald

invector shooter is not reducing the health of enemy emerald
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Hey guys my characters seem to walk straight through walls any ideas what could be causing this. I have all the colliders set up properly.
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Prey won't flee, getting an error message..

Hi I have just started using this A.I. package. I really like the simplicity of it and how well everything is explained through all of the notes but I'm still not getting it to work perfectly. Right now I cant get a prey character to flee. I have a predator that works like its supposed too & it will attack the prey character but the prey character won't flee & I get this error message....
NullReferenceException: GetRef
Emerald_Animal_AI.AttackWhileStationary () (at Assets/Emerald AI/Scripts/Emerald AI/Emerald_Animal_AI.cs:2453)
Emerald_Animal_AI.MainSystem () (at Assets/Emerald AI/Scripts/Emerald AI/Emerald_Animal_AI.cs:1611)
Emerald_Animal_AI.Update () (at Assets/Emerald AI/Scripts/Emerald AI/Emerald_Animal_AI.cs:1758)
It seems the prey character tries to turn & defend itself instead of fleeing just before this error happens.
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Collisions and similar issues

A couple of points I noticed:
1. When setting up a character/animal and hitting play in Unity the AI object seems to float a small amount above the ground. Animation etc seems fine and I have checked it is not hte animation causing the issue. Almost like the colliders are pushing it a bit above the ground. (I have tried moving the sphere and box collider to no avail)
2. When chasing or approaching an AI I seem to randomly hit an invisible wall, or in extreme instances actually walk up into thin air above the AI. Is this related to the rigger radius somehow?
3. Lastly, I can walk through my AI. Are you planning on capsule colliders or can I add one easily? I had a go but didn't have much success.
Essentially it looks like there are issues around the colliders so some documentation on that would be useful.
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Animation controller query

As I understand it the Animator we setup for an animal AI is pretty much the same as for a character however what parameters are being altered in the scripts to trigger transitions? My animal plays idle no matter what it is doing even when moving.
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Not animating as expected

I downloaded the free Horse assset from the Unity asset store to try out the functionality of Emerald Animal AI. This asset comes with three animations: idle, walk and run.  I thought I had it working, but there was inconsistency with the anmation. The horse would run or walk in place, and then he would go into an idle animation but slide across the terrain. I figured it was a problem with my understanding of the animation clips.
As I work with it some more I observe that the horse asset automaticlaly creates animator component since it includes the animations with the asset. If I do not enter the name of the included Animation Controller that comes with the horse into the "Controller" space on the Animator component, the animations do not play. But when I do include it, the selection of the animations played has nothing to do with Animal AI; the animations are dictated by teh Animator Controller.
I have entered the names of the animations into their respective places on the Animal AI interface. Including them or not including them makes no difference. What has to happen to make this work as expected?
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Unable to get predators to attack

I set up a relatively simple scene similar to your "Prey and Predator" example. I have tripple checked an everything should be working, but the predators simply do not attack. They occasionally wander close to the prey but never attack.
I've got them tagged as "Predator" and "Huntable" and have the settings in the individual objects as "Aggressive, Large, Predators" and "Prey, Medium". I've located them within very short distances of one another. I've set the dead object to the same "Dead Cube" that you use.
What else can I do to get the predators to attack the prey?
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